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Jump to navigation. TheatreofplucK tell the story of Eugenia Falleni, an Australian transgender man convicted of murder. It was a scandal that had been long forgotten, until the publication in of Eugenia, A Man , a detailed biography by Suzanne Falkiner. Then the floodgates opened and the harrowing but intriguing story of Eugenia Falleni fell under the gaze of a succession of artists, writers, film makers, curators and academics in Australia, the country in which she spent much of her troubled life.

The oldest of 22 children, Falleni was born in Livorno, Italy in and migrated to New Zealand with her family when she was two-years-old. She was a wild, restless child who frequently ran away from home and, as a teenager, dressed in male clothing in her search for casual labouring work. She never learned to read or write and was dismissed in her early years as eccentric and odd.

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But worse was to come. Falleni was doomed to grow up a tormented soul, trapped in the wrong body, scuttling around beneath the radar of respectable society at a time when transgender and sexual practices were far from acceptable subjects for polite conversation. Disguised as a boy, she ran away to sea only to have her secret discovered in the most humiliating way imaginable, at the violent hands of the ship's captain.

Pregnant and penniless, she was dumped ashore in the New South Wales port of Newcastle, where, under a variety of names, she attempted to build the first of what would be many new lives. Philpott does not attempt a dramatic exploration of the inner workings of Falleni's psyche and sexuality. He does not try to uncover the motivation and personal conflict behind an existence so terribly fraught with difficulties and trauma. She was his inspiration, and the most graceful, kind, and talented woman he had ever known. Though prejudice had hindered her from realizing her dream of teaching the foreign languages she loved, Elizabeth believed her toil and expectations would be fulfilled through her children.

Elizabeth handed Harry a letter of recommendation written by Mrs. Before taking the job at the piano company, Harry had worked for years for Mrs.

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Russell, alongside his mother, learning everything he could from the traveling musicians. Russell told me that you are to give this to Mrs. No matter what happens in this audition, no matter how successful you become, always remember that, and give the glory to God. Harry kissed his mother on the cheek and then hugged his stepfather, the only father he had ever known. Then he turned, picked up his suitcase, and bounded onto the train. All the years of musical training; singing at weddings, funerals, parties, and in countless choirs; and the innumerable hours of vocal and piano practice were about to be put to the test.

As the cool breeze o" the lake blew through the open windows of the train, Harry closed his eyes and drank it all in. His chance to actually become somebody in the musical world had finally arrived. He had paid his dues, and then some. Now the opportunity he had longed for was at hand.

The rhythmic cadence of the train lulled him nearly to sleep. His mind traveled back to the time when his love for music was birthed, back to a simpler era when he would sing the plantation songs as he lit the streetlamps with his beloved grandfather, Hamilton Waters. Growing up on the hills overlooking the bayfront in Erie, young Harry had always found the sights, sounds, and smells of the piers inviting. He and his older brother, Reginald, often went down to the docks to watch cargo being loaded and unloaded from the wooden ships.

The familiar smell of fresh-caught perch, walleye, northern pike, and salmon often caused their bellies to rumble in anticipation of dinner.

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But what young Harry loved most about the docks were the songs the sailors and fishermen sang as they plied their trade. Some of these men were former slaves who had worked on plantations in the South. To pass the time and keep the pace of the work moving, slaves had developed an endless repertoire of songs they sang almost unconsciously.

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When they were freed, these former slaves carried their music with them—it was a part of who they were—and it had become a part of young Harry T. Burleigh too. For years Harry loved to wander down the hillside to the bayfront piers to hear these plantation songs as they echoed oof the water. Another favorite pastime was to visit the livery, the modestly successful business that helped his stepfather build a house and fill it with children.

Harry learned a whole di"erent set of plantation songs from the stable hands as he helped clean out the stalls or brush down the horses. But these were songs that he could never sing at home. These were joyous times for the boy. Though money was often tight, the love given him and his siblings by their parents overshadowed any sense of need. If there was a lack of money, none of the children ever knew it.

The whipping damaged his eyes, and as he aged his sight deteriorated even further. Elizabeth sent Reginald and Harry to help their grandfather on alternate days. He lit the lamps nearest the water while the sun was still shining to avoid the bitterly cold wind that whipped of the bay after dark. To him the cold air coming across Lake Erie from Canada and the sounds and smells of the fisheries meant freedom. In the summer months, when the air became heavy with humidity and the blazing sun scorched the grass, he was reminded of an earlier time on another shore.

He looked forward to the cool wind at dusk as he prepared to light the lamps. It reminded him that all was well—he was home. Some folks complained about the snow and the long, cold winters in Erie.

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But to Hamilton Waters these were keepsakes of liberty. There are boats as far as the eye can see. Their masts are poking up into the sky like a forest without any leaves. The sun is flickering on the choppy water. Hamilton Waters, who recognized the voice of nearly everyone in Erie, lifted his cap to greet his neighbors as they passed by. Good day, Mr. When Harry was sure they would not be interrupted, he began to ask Hamilton his usual list of questions.

De only ting dat kept up my spirit was de plantation songs. When they arrived at the next lamp, he set down his small wooden ladder and climbed up to do his work. He pulled out a rag and wiped the soot of the glass panes.

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As he worked he hummed a melody that was familiar to young Harry. The old man began to sing:.

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  5. Though Dobby got Harry arrested, de-boned, and captured by Dolores Umbridge, he also saved Harry's life more than once and was a loyal friend to many lonely creatures and wizards. Despite his mistakes, Dobby won Harry's affection—and the undying love of Harry Potter fans everywhere. Here are 5 times Dobby was a jerk, and 5 he was the true hero of the series. Harry Potter's home life always left something to be desired , but his first summer home from Hogwarts was especially miserable.

    His new friends Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger had gone totally radio silent. Harry didn't receive a single letter all summer and was sure that his friends had forgotten him entirely. Meanwhile, Ron and Hermione were worried sick because Harry never replied to their letters. Dobby had been stealing them all in an effort to convince Harry that his life at school would be so miserable and lonely that he shouldn't go back.

    Dobby was willing to risk terrible punishment to leave Malfoy Manor and try to protect Harry, a boy he had never met, for Harry's service to other house elves, though the benefits had passed Dobby by. Petunia Dursley had spent hours crafting a beautiful pudding for her husband's business dinner. Though Dobby must have been intimately familiar with the work that goes into the creation of a special pastry, he used a hover charm to smash Petunia's pudding to the ground - and all over the Dursleys' uninvolved dinner guests.

    Harry was immediately contacted by the Ministry of Magic for violation of the two laws. It was this official warning that allowed the Ministry of Magic to use Harry's heroics on a Muggle street to call for immediate expulsion and a formal legal hearing in Half-Blood Prince. Though she got little screen time in the films, Barty Crouch's troubled house-elf Winky was a tragic figure in the books.

    She struggled to find another placement because of the scandal. Dobby took her in and helped secure her a spot working at Hogwarts. Though Winky developed a drinking problem, Dobby helped care for her and cover her responsibilities when other house elves met her with scorn. Dobby's compassion and sweetness made all the difference for an otherwise-abandoned friend; Winky was able to recover and take pride in her life and work.