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Families Outside is the only organisation in Scotland to work exclusively on behalf of families affected by imprisonment. They offer direct support to families through their helpline and via direct face-to-face support and also offer training to professionals who come into contact with families affected by imprisonment.

The group have created materials that highlight the combined support they can offer and are also launching a short film which walks a visitor through the experience of visiting someone in HMP Grampian. The film is the first of its kind in Scotland and will play a key role in increasing understanding and awareness of prison visiting, not only for visitors but also for prisoners and professionals.

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There are many misconceptions about what it is like to visit a prison and what the role of a Visitor Centre is. Whilst every prison visiting experience is different, the film aims to answer a lot of questions about what can be a daunting and confusing time for visitors, especially children. It is important that families are aware that support is there for them, what that support actually is as well as how they can access it. Members of the media are welcome to attend the event at Aberdeen Sheriff Court on Thursday, 13 December, 1—2pm.

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For further information contact: Graham Lawther, Communications Business Partner, External Communications, Aberdeen City Council, tel ; mob , glawther aberdeencity. Please email if you intend to attend the event on Thursday. We use cookies. The forced fusions were the Crystal Gems' punishment for rebelling against Homeworld. Amethyst and Pearl return to Garnet and Steven, and notice the smaller Gems' fusion mutants.

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Garnet orders the Gems to put them down and bubble them all. Back at the Crystal Temple's hand, Steven warps to do his laundry and finds Garnet. They discuss what they saw in Kindergarten, and Garnet expresses disgust over the forced fusions. Garnet states that fusion is a choice between Gems, and that fusion is a right, and the forced fusions they saw in Kindergarten were not true fusions.

Steven asks Garnet what it feels like to be a fusion all the time, like Garnet herself. She explains that the Gems forget that they were ever alone in the first place. When Gems fuse, they do not feel like two people, but rather one, and the Gems' old names might as well be names for the left arm and the right arm.

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When Steven asks if Garnet disappears when Ruby and Sapphire unfuse, she says that Garnet is the embodiment of Ruby and Sapphire's love. Even if they split apart, Garnet will always exist in them.

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The strength of the two Gems' love keeps the fusion alive for a very long time, explaining Garnet's long existence. After one of Steven's socks flies away with the wind, Garnet catches it and gives it to him, saying, "You don't want to break up a pair.

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She makes up the socks and drops them in the basket with Steven's other clothes. Socks representing Ruby and Sapphire.

View the episode's transcript here. Click to view the gallery for Keeping It Together.

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Contents [ show ]. How can you get Garnet be scared?

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Tiny Hands. Future Vision show her all the possibilities for the future, but doesn't say to her which future they will encounter among all of the Eligio Budde. Wait, how come the clusters know Steven has Rose's gem if it's hidden under his shirt? Not even Jasper could recognize it Now I th Simple Peridot refined the process to create clusters and needed to test their combat abilities. And since she can't use the warp she Categories :. They were forced together