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Lindsey scoffed.

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He threw his hands up in the air. In fact, you never liked asteroid mining.

Lunar Affair - Chinese New Year Party

Half the team is female. I see how you talk to her. They both stopped arguing as they noticed their assistant director for Helix Mining Corp, Andrew, not too far up the street.

Lindsey smiled and broke away from Shen. As Shen stood by, the two kissed in front of him. Lindsey turned to face him.

It is a rare example of an isotope that undergoes beta decay. Potassium is important for potassium-argon dating. When a mineral that contains Potassium 40 decays it creates fresh Argon that remains locked up in the mineral. As the rate at which the conversion occurs is known, it helps to determine the time since the mineral was formed based on the K40 and Ar40 atoms.

Chandrayaan 2 Current Affairs - Chandrayaan 2: Argon 40 found in Lunar Exosphere November 2, In reality, polls show that levels of public support look remarkably similar today as they did 50 years ago. Public opinion in favor of continuing human lunar exploration almost never rose above 50 percent during NASA's Apollo program — but the lone exception was in October Americans often ranked spaceflight near the top of programs to be cut in the federal budget during the s buildup toward the first moon landing. The only time when more than half of the public believed Apollo was worth the expense came at the time of the Apollo 11 lunar landing in , when Neil Armstrong took humanity's first steps on alien soil.

Even then, only a lukewarm 53 percent of the public believed such a momentous historical occasion had been worth the cost. Such findings suggest that the United States went to the moon not because the public demanded it, but because U.

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He added that any future U. The absence of such a reason may have made it easier for President Barack Obama's administration to move to end NASA's Constellation program last year.

Lunar Love Affair

That program had aimed to return U. Instead, however, Obama has proposed an equally ambitious quest to send astronauts to an asteroid and then Mars.