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I am going to show you how to use the Scallop stroke to paint a pansy. At the end of the post there is a video that shows me painting the pansy if you wish to see my brush in motion. I start with a pattern for placement of my strokes. I first do the two top strokes,. One scallop stroke on each side.

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Then I do the two bottom scallops. They kind of blend together. Another shot of the bottom stroke with first one done waiting for the second. Then you add the dot for the center and a few whiskers. To see me painting the pansy just click on the link.

It is short and the only sound you can hear is the clucking of my chickens in the background. Pansy Painting Tutorial Video. For more Flower painting tutorials click here. I am probably one of your newest followers fans! You are an inspiration to me and I really appreciate your sharing.

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Please keep posting :. I want to work on a garden art book this Winter. I will be painting a pansy.

Thanks for the demo! And thanks for sharing with SYC. I would love to paint flowers. Your tutorials are awesome and love your work. Thanks for your work.

How To Doodle Flowers

Your email address will not be published. Recipe Rating. Add them for a spark of white to a more colorful flower painting. The white can make your colorful flowers pop. Double load your brush in white and light grey.

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Only just a little bit gray, you should have mostly white on your brush. Make a dot on your surface to give you a center point. It makes it easier to have a center point to pull to. Lead with the white. You can draw a light circle to keep your petals about the same size but I just fly with it much of the time and let them be wonky.

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Press on the chisel edge of your brush, pull towards the center, adjusting pressure to how wide you wish the petal to be and lift the brush to a chisel edge as you get closer to the center to let the stroke narrow. Add strokes around the center dot, some can be a bit curved to add movement. You can make the back stroke shorter and the front strokes longer to emulate depth.

But I demonstrate as if you are looking straight down on the flower. Keep adding petals until you have filled in to your satisfaction. Less is more.

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You can always add petals but taking away too many is more difficult. Double load your scruffy brush in the yellow and gold and pounce on the center, or you can use a small flat brush and paint on a round center. I like the texture that the scruffy brush adds.