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You may observe that the breath is cooler when it comes in through the nostrils and warmer when it goes out. Get even more Buddhist wisdom delivered straight to your inbox!

Let your attention rest on the feeling of the natural breath, one breath at a time. This is a very restful practice.

Simply be aware of it, one breath at a time. You may find that the rhythm of your breathing changes. Just allow it to be however it is. If that happens, just breathe more gently. Many distractions will arise—thoughts, images, emotions, aches, pains, plans. Just be with your breath and let them go.

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See if you can let go of any distractions and return your attention to the feeling of the breath. What an idiot! When you notice your mind is not on your breath, notice what is on your mind. And then, no matter what it is, let go of it.

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Come back to focusing on your nostrils or your abdomen or wherever you feel your breath. This act of beginning again is the essential art of the meditation practice. Every time you find yourself speculating about the future, replaying the past, or getting wrapped up in self-criticism, shepherd your attention back to the actual sensations of the breath.

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Our practice is to let go gently and return to focusing on the breath. With great kindness to ourselves, we once more return our attention to the breath.

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If you have to let go of distractions and begin again thousands of times, fine. Simply be with it.

Feel the beginning of the in-breath and the end of it; the beginning of the out-breath and the end of it. Feel the little pause at the beginning and end of each breath.

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