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See Points de suspension for additional proofs. See also Ulysse Gramophone: deux mots pour Joyce for proofs. Material is from talk given at the Centre Georges Pompidou 15 Nov. Given in English at the Feb. Also given at Williamsburg. Also given in French 26 and 28 Oct. See also Acts of Literature for Attridge introduction to selection. Given 27 Jan. See also Marges - de la philosophie for additional proofs. Given at the Colloque de Royaumont, December in French. Also given in or in Prague in English. Also given in Baton-Rouge in English.

See also series 2 for more material. The other English version is an expanded and revised translation of the first lecture. Given 26 Feb. L'Autoportrait et autres ruines. See also the seminar. Material is for the colloquium "Comment penser l'argent" Oct.

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Versions are very brief. Version 6 consists of several overlapping fragments. Colloquium brochures are included with version 7. See also La Carte for proofs. Material is from a "Confrontation" with Derrida organized around Glas and other texts on 21 Nov. Proofs are for Critique. Material is a discussion with the publisher Coup Himmelblau Wolf D.

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Prix, Helmut Swiczinsky, Regina Haslinger. Publication was refused. See also La Carte Postale for proofs. Given at Cerisy-la-Salle colloquium Jul. Proofs 2 are quadrilingual. Given 23 Nov. Also given 30 Oct. Material is from the colloquium 23 Jul. First part given in English at Oct. Second part given Apr. French version 4 may have been used for the English version given at UCLA see page 33 of this version.

Given at Oct. Given 15 Mar. Folder contains proofs and discussion of text. Folder contains texts that were part of an exhibit at Beaubourg Centre Pompidou.

Programs and Courses

The two main texts for the exhibit were Glas and Eperons: les styles de Nietzsche , but were not published there; these are "faux texts. Leavey Jr.

Développement personnel

A translated selection and some comments on an Absent Colossus. Iinterviews are filed under interviews. All other material is filed here. Proofs are for Le Nouvel Observateur. See also "Comment donner raison? Material given as "Flaubert et la philosophie.

Exhibit at the Pompidou Center 28 Mar. For the exhibit, Derrida and several others responded to a list of words they were given. This text and Negotiations were two planned volumes of selections of Derrida's work edited by Thomas Keenan and Debora Esch, neither of which was published.

First part was given in English at the Jerusalem University colloquium "Institutions of Interpretation. See also Points de suspension for proofs. Colloquium 9 June with biblical scholars and others, including Geoffrey Hartman and Wolfgang Iser.

"Ce qui est intéressant c’est ce qu’il nous a donné en héritage"

Material is a seminar on Jeremiah and Stanley Cavell's response to Derrida. Text is a revised version of four lectures given at the colloquium "Semiotics of Literary Translation. Proofs are for Johns Hopkins University Press. See also Limited Inc. Given at conference "Genre" Jul.

Text suggests also given in abbreviated form 7 Nov. English version translated by Avital Ronell. Given 5 Jun.

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First titled "Le Concept d'Archive: une impression freudienne. Material was for a 26 Oct. Some versions have unidentified text on the verso. Interview regarding this exhibit appeared in Beaux Arts , Dec.

follow link There may be additional fragments of text on the verso of version 1 of "Privilege. First given Jan. Given later at Miami University of Ohio. Given at a 15 Oct. GREPH is the topic of part of the interview. Given in English at the th anniversary of the opening of the graduate school at Columbia, 17 April , at which Derrida received an honorary degree. Also given 2 October at Yale. Given or at University of Strasbourg conference. Proofs are an extended version of the text see page 33 of the proofs. See also the and seminars in series 2.

Given 16 Dec. This text and Institutions of Philosophy were two planned volumes of selections from Derrida's works edited by Thomas Keenan and Deborah Esch, neither of which was published. Version 1 was the basis for the English version, which was translated by John P. Leavey, Jr. Politiques du nom propre: L'enseignement de Nietzsche. Politiques du nom propre: L'enseignement de Nietzsche," French version, English version and English offprint.

Panel on which Derrida participated, 6 Mar. English version 4 given at a 30 Dec. See also also "Politics and friendship: an interview with Jacques Derrida" and "Voix de l'ami.